Low Energy? Exhausted?
Fed up with brain fog?
Want to fit in a size you haven't seen in years? 
Ready to walk up the stairs without being winded
Or, have you recently received a diagnosis that scares you and 
you're worried about what your future brings?

What's your life like if you don't change anything?
and we'll show you the simple steps 
to finally make a 
positive, life long change.
"Participating in the  program most notably helped me to become aware of the content of sugars, fats, fiber and proteins in the foods I commonly ate. By substituting some vegetables and reducing my fruits & portion sizes; I’m feeling more energy. My appetite is still healthy. I’ve always enjoyed food and now I’m full more quickly and am able to fast for 12-16 hours on a regular basis. Thank you Dr. Lisa for the encouragement and support to change my lifestyle habits.”
-Deborah B.
"This program helped me pay attention to what foods I was eating, when I was eating, and the effects it has on my body.  The simple steps I learned throughout the program were easy to implement and totally sustainable"

"The first class helped me to cut out much of the extra sugar from my diet.  By taking baby steps has finally allowed me to lose weight and lots of extra inches. My clothes are way too big and my cravings are gone. In fact, for the first time in many, many years I was able to buy a pair of pants in a regular size rather than  plus size!  
I really like Dr. Lisa’s emphasis on whole body wellness and I know I am a much healthier person now, thanks to Dr. Lisa."
-Rose Mary U.
" Dr. Lisa, I think you just saved my life. My health was starting to decline; I told myself "this is part of the aging process." I was wrong; sad it took almost a year to try your service for myself. My whole body including digestive system has improved. Thank you for saving my life."
-Darlene H.
Everyone, at some point in their life, attempts a massive overhaul of their health. 
They so desperately want to see results that they change everything all at once. 
We get it. 
Because when everything changes at once, you're setting yourself up for failure.
We give up.  We quit.  We feel destined to a life of being overweight and unwell.

That doesn't have to be the case.  

At AIHL, we’re all about baby steps. Why? 
Because we realize that taking it one simple step at a time will lead to life-long change.
Normally $497
Save $200 with 4th of July SALE!
Learn Our 3-Step Method to Creating Lasting Results
Do you eat to live, or live to eat? 
We're going to dive into your relationship with food. In simple steps, we show you the changes necessary in your diet to make being healthy easy. 
Community Support
As a BONUS, get access to AIHL's private Facebook Group to ask your questions, receive guidance, and learn from like minded individuals in our community to keep you reaching your goals. 

Simple Steps
Being healthy is committing to one simple step a day, and doing it again and again. Our 6-week online program helps guide you to make healthy living easy, and create results that will last as lifetime.
Normally $497
Save $200 with 4th of July SALE!
What Exactly Do You Get When You Sign Up?
  • 4 Week Online Program Including:
  •  Weekly Video tutorials
  •  Downloadable worksheets and infographics
  •  Guidance in meal planning, shopping, keto foods, intermittent fasting (men vs. women) + carb cycling
  •  Learn the WHY each of these steps are critical to lifelong change
  •  The simple, sustainable steps to upgrade your health + lifestyle
  •  PLUS 2 additional weeks of video tutorials to help transition into everyday life (6 weeks of content!)
You'll gain access to the Keto Virtual Summit 
with Presentations from Top Experts in the Nutrition field, along with their bonus gifts to all Summit attendees!  Valued over $997!

  • 29 Top Nutrition Experts 
  • Bonus Gifts from each speaker including food journals, guides, meal plans and MORE!
Normally $497
Save $200 with 4th of July SALE!
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